propel-lc is hosted within a certified and secure IBM data centre in Auckland. This platform includes specific measures to address security, privacy and continuity of service. All customer data is encrypted and all communications with the propel-lc website are also encrypted.
Onsite Resiliency
This is provided via two layers: physical and virtual. Both layers have built in redundancy – in other words ‘two of everything’. Should one fail, the other automatically takes over ensuring continuity of service.
IBM Services
The propel-lc websites reside on secure web servers which are located behind secure IBM hosted and supported firewall devices. Host servers are monitored by IBM 24 x7 via a fully manned dashboard for their security, capacity, load, performance and response times.
Offsite Back up
Backups are written to an offsite storage area network at Plan – B, who also provide offsite disaster recovery facilities.

Network Security & Control
All propel-lc resources are protected by dedicated firewall devices at IBM to ensure security and reliability. The propel-lc website uses an extended validation certificate issued by Verisign as an additional level of assurance to anyone browsing the site.