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propel-lc is a ssecure cloud based platform used to electronically manage Settlements and Discharges. It is used for document delivery and return, communications between Lawyer and Lender and includes an electronic storage facility.

propel-lc provides an innovative web based platform enabling Lenders and Laywers to exchange loan instructions and discharge requests. The current release is designed to centralise and support the presettlement and post-settlement processing activities between multiple Lenders and multiple Lawyers. Ultimately it will provide a collaborative, secure and instant transaction workspace between Lawyers.

how it works
  • propel-lc brings together paper and electronic processes into a single and unified workspace enabling transactions to be completed securely online without the delays associated with paper based transactions.
  • Several specialised online technologies are used to replace paper based processes with digital ones.
  • In particular, systems developed by FMS/First American to create the Virtual Paperless Office (VPO) are used: Livedox, to generate documents; web signing to allow clients to approve documents and sign online; and eVault to enable Lawyers to store Client A & I information electronically for the period required by law.

  • User friendly web enabled portal.
  • Authentication of Lawyers and Borrowers.
  • System support for Lender/Lawyer.
  • Real time centralised tracking of instructions.
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Online access point for all transactions.
  • Secure electronic documents including repository services for storing and retrieving records.
  • Reporting capabilities.

  • Electronic integration between Lender and Lawyer.
  • Centralised management of documentation and settlement process.
  • Speeds up loan processing and reduces cost of processing for the Lender, the Lawyer and the Borrower.
  • Reduces amount of paper consumed.
  • Eliminates cost of storing paper.
  • Reduces the number of different and disconnected systems that have to be supported.
  • Provides an integrated platform for the benefit of everyone involved.
  • Reduces reliance on disconnected media such as email/phone/fax.

security features
  • Use of Verisign extended validation
  • Individual password security
  • Available 24 hours, 365 days a year.