Our Products

propel-lc is a secure cloud based platform used to electronically manage Settlements and Discharges. It is used for document delivery and return, communications between Lawyer and Lender and includes an electronic storage facility.
eVault is the name we give to the electronic storage facility within propel-lc.

It is available to all users of propel-lc – both lenders and lawyers and it is up to the user to decide which documents are saved in the eVault space within propel-lc.
Livedox is a document generation tool.  It is used within propel-lc at present to generate documents required during the settlement or discharge process.

It can also be made available to lawyers as a standalone service.
Web Signing is a future feature to be linked to propel-lc

Web Signing is a system that allows documents to be signed electronically via the web.

It allows an “electronic signature” (i.e. a copy of the client’s “wet signature” as handwritten) as well as a “digital signature” (i.e. a digital certificate allocated to the signer) to be added to a document which is then locked down and stored in a tamper proof manner.