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1 August 2011 Changes to Kiwibank Discharges

Click here to find out more about changes to the Kiwibank Discharge process

23 June 2011 Update on Kiwibank Instructions

Kiwibank are giving you more time to register for propel-lc. Click here to find out more

07 June 2011 Changes to Kiwibank Homeloan Instructions

Kiwibank are changing the way they do business. Click here to find out more

1 May 2011 propel-lc special update

Fee waiver for lawyers, training and refresher course available and a new lender on board, click here to find out more

15 March 2011 - Fee waiver for Christchurch Lawyers

First Mortgage Services are trying to do their bit to help the people of Christchurch and have therefore waived the fee to use propel-lc. Click here & here to find out more

28 February 2011 - Release 2.0 - Discharges and Loan Settlements...

Discharges and Loan Settlements for New Zealand Home Lending and AMP Home Loans Limited was released on Monday 28 February 2011. Click here to find out more

1 October 2010 - NZLawyer Online...

NZ Lawyer Online. Click here

23 July 2010 - Press Release...

Press Release Click Here

1 November
LINZ data look up now available for Discharges
1 October
Discharges through propel-lc now preferred way of business for Kiwibank
29 August
Legal Executives Conference in Auckland, sponsored by FMS
1 August
Settlements through propel-lc is now preferred way of business for Kiwibank
31 March
Discharge functionality now available through propel-lc
 24 February
Release 2.0 for propel-lc, improves level of service